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Programs are 12 weeks in duration.

Conscious Medical Practice


The Conscious Medical Practice course is designed for doctors who wish to remain in their clinical medical careers but are in need of a transformation to regain happiness and fulfillment in the daily practice of medicine. The program will uncover the emotional blocks holding you back from achieving actualization in your career. The course is tailored to enable you to see your patients in a whole new light through conscious awareness. We will discover how to create a conscious medical practice that addresses the body and soul of both doctor and patient.

Conscious Medical Practice - Susan Nicholas, MD
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Career | Life Transition

The  Career and Life Transition program is designed to discover alternate career paths for physicians and professionals who are ready to make a major shift in their life journey. The program is for all levels of physicians from medical students to practicing Attendings. This course is also applicable to non-physician professionals seeking a career or life transition. Together we will re-discover the connection between you and your higher self and clarify your true purpose in life. We will address physician suicide, if applicable, chronic emotional pain, and substance abuse in the medical or professional community to overcome stigma. The program will address the fears and energetic blocks holding you back from fulfillment in all aspects of life. 

Career Transition - SusanNicholas, MD
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Suicide | Chronic Pain

The Suicide | Chronic Pain Program is designed to facilitate the soul -- body connection in order to identify the deepest emotional roots of chronic pain. The course is designed to identify, acknowledge and release the emotional trauma thereby transforming the physical pain and suffering. The Program also addresses suicidal thoughts by fostering a vital connection with the higher self to find validation, purpose, and fulfillment in life. All registrants for this program are required to sign a medical consent and waiver prior to the initial kick-off call.

Suicide | Chronic Pain - Susan Nicholas, MD
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Physician | Professional Programs are tailored programs and kick-off with a personalized one-hour coaching session after program registration.

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