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Physicians & Business Leaders


I've made two major career transitions in my life. Neither one was easy.

If you are a medical or business professional who is unfulfilled and searching for your true purpose, I am here to work with you through your transition. 

Susan Nicholas, MD

Are you a physician or business professional who...

  • Despite your career and academic successes are unfulfilled

  • Have an empty feeling inside

  • Or feel that you are unhappy most of the time

You are brave, intelligent and needed.


Schedule your complimentary consultation today. 

Dr. D. Francis, MD Internal Medicine

"I would like to say thank you for working with me during the past 3 months. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and be your client."

Program Benefits

All professional coaching programs are customized to the individual client. Programs are 12 or 24 weeks in duration. Interested persons are encouraged to schedule a free consultation.

Medical Intuitive Consultation
Complimentary Copy of "The Duality of Being"
Distance Reiki Healing Sessions
Private Mentoring Sessions
Customized Audio & Video Content
Audio Meditations & Techniques
Bonus Content, Product Discounts & Affiliate Opportunities
Unlimited Email Support While Enrolled
VIP Invitation to Private Retreats & Events
"Emergency" Personal Calls While Enrolled

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