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Programs & Platforms

The Frequency of Money®

Customized Coaching Programs

Designed for physicians and professionals, customized coaching programs are 3 to 6 months in duration and include private 1:1 coaching, distance and in-person* energy healing sessions, customized audio, and many other personal touches and custom benefits. Select to book your 45 min free consultation.

The Frequency of Money® 

The Frequency of Money® is a conscious program platform designed to reveal and fully release limiting beliefs related to money. Healing soulful wounds surrounding money is the key to transforming money woes and living a full life of overflowing wealth.

Whole Soul Wellness®

Whole Soul Wellness® is the Reiki energy healing platform under SusanNicholas.org. We offer local in-person and global distance Reiki healing, Reiki Master Attumement classes,* and dual healing and coaching packages. 

International Speaking Platforms

Looking to not only inspire but to transform and enrich your business, employees, students, groups, or associations? Transform Your Feelings Transform Your Life®  and The Frequency of Money® are the speaking platforms for SusanNicholas.org. Select to contact us and learn more about our message and benefits. 

Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing®

The Human Consciousness Consortium is the publishing entity for SusanNicholas.org. Currently publishing under two imprints: Conscious Books and Conscious Children's Books. Our distribution channels are through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Select to view current titles.

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