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FREE Monthly Energy Healing Calls

Next LIVE Event is Wednesday, December 4, 2019
12 noon ET/9 am PT

I am overjoyed to now offer FREE Monthly Energy Healing Calls.

Calls are scheduled the first Sunday of every month at 9 am PT/12 noon ET.

The FREE Monthly call last 60 minutes. 

REPLAYS are available after each LIVE call event and can be found HERE.

 REPLAY links are also emailed to registered participants.

Soul Renewal® FREE Monthly calls provide an open and safe platform to listen, learn and overcome life's most difficult obstacles. In joining our call series, you will be among friends from around the world and be given a safe space to transform yourself while experiencing a lightness of being.

Each monthly call has a theme for us to delve into. On the call we will discuss emotions, feelings and beliefs related to the theme that may have held you back from living a fulfilled and happy life.

Each call includes a group healing session with lasting positive effects on the soul. You will emerge feeling renewed, with a sense of inner calmness and an awareness of new possibilities. The monthly calls give you the tools to move forward and to conquer life's most challenging circumstances with confidence and grace.

December 4, 2019 Theme

"Loss & Loneliness"

December is all about Losswhether you are experiencing a recent or long ago loss of a loved one, of self, of a pet or possession. During the holiday season in particularly, love lost is felt deeply and often painfully. 

Some of the deepest pain we feel in life is a result of the loss of a loved one.

Join us beginning December 1st, as we delve into and ultimately heal our feelings of loss. 

Soul Renewal® one hour monthly calls are authentic and conducted with discretion. The call offers a protected space to share openly and honestly to finally release that which causes us inner pain.

Every monthly call is absolutely FREE. Friends and family are welcome to join the free call too! Share the link to this page generously. Any questions you may have can be communicated ahead of our scheduled monthly call by emailing me


During the live call, participants have an opportunity to raise their hand, ask questions and receive individual guidance and healing. Live question instructions are provided after registration and can be found among the dial-in instructions.  Energy healing reaches every person on the LIVE call and REPLAY equally, and earnestly shared experiences enlighten us all.

Register now and AWAKEN the soul.

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