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Soul Renewal®


 Is your soul beckoning to be awakened? Perhaps you are now seeking deeper healing or are ready to finally release long standing emotional wounds. But how do we let them go? 


Stagnant emotions and hurt feelings have a way of holding us back.


Imagine how it would feel to actually live the life you've always wanted. How would it feel to forever hold the keys to your internal fulfillment and true happiness?

Before my conscious awakening, I carried heavy, painful feelings from my childhood into adulthood. As long as I was holding onto secrecy and shame, life was particularly hard to the point that I couldn't make sense of it.


We don't know the full weigh of the burdens we carry until we finally let them go.  My awakening in 2012 taught me how to lay down my insecurities and fears, releasing eons of lingering pain and sadness.


Now, I want to share how you can release what may be holding you back.

If you are open to being supported along a winding and convoluted spiritual passage, then I invite you to join my weekly

Soul Renewal® Energy Healing calls. 

The membership calls cover issues related to loss, relationships, finances, children, purpose and many other life situations. Together we will learn to forgive, to have courage, to be brave and to love again.



LIVE calls are scheduled weekly, on Sundays at 9 am PT/12 noon ET. 

Soul Renewal® audio calls are designed to be convenient and private, allowing you to relax during healing sessions from the comfort of your own home. Calls can be accessed from virtually anywhere whether your are on vacation, lounging at home or even resting in bed.

REPLAYS are always available after each LIVE call.

Learn to perceive life from a new perspective and return to love once again.

December 2019

Theme: " Loss & Loneliness"

Week 1: FREE Monthly Call: "Loss & Loneliness"

December 4, 2019 at 9 am PT/ 12 noon ET

Week 2: Member Call #1 "Loss & Suicide"

December 8, 2019 at 9 am PT/ 12 noon ET

Week 3: Member Call #2 "The Loss of A Child"

December 15, 2019 at 9 am PT/ 12 noon ET

Week 4: Member Call #3 "What Happens When We Die?"

December 22, 2019 at 9 am PT/ 12 noon ET

Week 5: Member Call #4 "Overcoming The Fear of Death"

December 29, 2019 at 9 am PT/ 12 noon ET

Weekly LIVE Soul Renewal® Calls are only $79/month! Session are 90 minutes in duration and include an opening discussion on scheduled topics, participant Q&A and a group Reiki energy healing session.

Weekly sessions delve deeper, supporting awakenings. The 90 minute weekly sessions allow for more intimate conversations and breakthroughs. The extended calls provide ample time for individual questions and directed healing as tightly held feelings and beliefs require greater attention and intensive healing. Each member is supported like family allowing the soul to be nurtured and healed.

REPLAYS are available after each LIVE session on the SusanNicholas.org member site and are emailed directly to subscribers.


Energy healing transcends space, time and geography and is equally effective whether listened to live or on the replay.

Subscribing is simple and completed in one easy step.

One Step: Easy Subscription
Weekly energy healing calls are LIVE and 90 minutes in duration. The call includes discussion, participant Q&A and a group Reiki healing meditation.
Soul Renewal Subscription
1 hr 30 min
Plan Holders Only

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Weekly scheduled dates, times, themes or content are subject to change depending on client requests, holidays, or special events. Changes are clearly marked on this page and are emailed to members. 

NEVER miss a call...

REPLAYS are made available on your membership page.

Easy unsubscribe anytime by calling 833-300-9990 (ext 5) "billing" or through your member page.

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