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I am a former physician and surgeon who after a conscious awakening in 2012, transitioned my life into soul healing work. I am now a telepathic medical intuitive and energy healer. I am a three-time author and international speaker on life transformation. My signature talk is The Frequency of Money® which helps individuals heal their relationship with money in order to live worry-free, prosperous and happy lives. I speak to audiences and coach my private clients about transforming the heavy feeling and emotions that have held them back from fulfilling their dreams


As the founder of the Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing, I am the author of conscious adult and children's books, publishing under two imprints. My diverse work has a common thread which is to awaken humanity to consciousness.


When I am not writing, speaking or working with my energy or coaching clients, I can be found hosting my weekly Be Conscious® Podcast. Join me to awaken your soul and to experience your inner healing. 

     Ways to Work with Susan

Conscious Coaching

Customized conscious coaching programs are designed for professionals who are unfulfilled or empty inside despite their achievements and worldly successes.

Energy Healing

Reiki energy is healing for the soul.  One-to-One services are available for the entire family, including pets. International distance healing and local in-person sessions are available.

Speaking Platforms

Customize your request for keynote, workshop session or day seminar. My speaking platform is designed to enrich audiences and transform heavy distressing feelings.

Special Offers & Programs

By phone or Zoom, this consultation is designated for medical and business professional who despite their worldly successes and accomplishments, feel an inner sense of em...
FREE Consultation
45 min
The Frequency of Money® 
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Energy is at the core of everything in existence, including our money.


  • Do you have a love/hate relationship with money?

  • Does there never seem to be enough money?

  • Does your money show up late?


 Let's discover how to elevate your relationship with money to attract all the money you deserve.


Conscious Books


November 13, 2020 Release of

The Death of Cupcake: A Child's Experience with Loss

Exploring the intersection of grief and consciousness, The Death of Cupcake opens an awakened discourse on loss for both parents and children. The book is designed to honor the child's experience with the passing of a loved one and in doing so, to heal and find closure in the bereavement process.

What if your most tightly held feelings and beliefs are sabotaging your personal happiness and financial success?

Order this provocative and groundbreaking book from Dr. Susan Nicholas to uncover your life purpose and to discover the keys to your personal fulfillment, self - worth, and ultimate financial success. Learn More...

Money Chapter BONUS!

Do you have an extraordinary child?

You most certainly do! What if they could tap into their infinite abilities?

Our children are born genius, full of potential and still spiritually connected to all of creation. They are miraculous and extraordinary.


Order this beautifully illustrated, vibrant conscious children's book to remind you child of his/her infinite nature and inate abilities. Two Parts of Me is the first in a series of illustrated children's books encouraging extraordinary abilities and continued conscious awareness.

Learn More...



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Read Susan's Latest Book

The Death of Cupcake : A Child's Experience with Loss  is coming

 November 13, 2020!

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Join me for my bi-weekly Be Conscious Podcast where we'll feature monthly guest and discuss the energy of money to elevate your financial life. The episodes will guide you in releasing the feelings and emotions that no longer serve you, leaving you with a calm, lightness of being.

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